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We are not just another online software company.

Sounds good on paper, right? But what does “not just another online software company” really mean? We can say we are different, but are we?

The Business Mastery Group, (the masterminds behind the ProjectsPlanner software) was founded in 2007 for only one reason, to help small to medium sized businesses succeed. Through consulting, seminars, workshops, e-books, and training classes—we have spent the last several years teaching businesses how to run a better business. With diverse backgrounds, including experience running our own multi-million dollar companies, working as Fortune 100 executives, and as business speakers and authors, we have the skill set, resources, and talent to help other small and mid-size companies succeed.

Selling ProjectsPlanner software is only a small part of our overall company mission. Yes, we think these are great programs which will help your business prosper and grow in ways you never imagined. But we don’t intend to stop there; our goal is to be around after the sale. We want to help you develop and grow your business and the software is a first step, to what we hope, will be an educational and rewarding relationship.

Your success is what we are about.
 What our Clients are Saying
RemodelerPro has completely changed the way I do business! I am from Canada and we have a much longer winter and a short and frantic building season...More
John Buelhorn

This is my first website and I can’t believe how easy it was to set up. Within a couple of hours, I was online with a professional looking site....More
Ben Mueller

Using RemodelerPro has tripled the number of referrals I was getting before I switched to this system....More
Allen Sedlak

I love having my own online store! I checked out a lot of different software programs before going with RemodelerPro, and no other program offers anything like this....More
Taylor Gibson
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