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Features at a Glance

  • Your Own Website
    • Did you know that 9 out of 10 remodeling prospects are searching online for their home improvement contractor? Did you know that even if your company is referred, 7 times out of 10, your potential clients are spending a minimum of 30 minutes online searching for information and reviews about your company? Times have changed…have you?

      This is an information age. People crave information and use the internet to search and cross reference their choices before they move forward with a purchase. They do it with clothing, electronics, with their remodeling projects. They are looking for just the right contractor to fulfill their home improvement needs.

      Will they find you online? If so, what sort of an image are you displaying? Is it a professional image? Do you trust your company’s future on that image? Without a doubt, if your company does not have a professional online image, you are losing out on a wealth of business opportunities available over the web.

      Use RemodelerPro’s simple website building tools to:

      • Set up your own professional looking website in under an hour.
      • Create content with our easy website editor and photo uploading.
      • Promote your business name with your own domain name and email addresses.
      • Allow potential customers to find your business during internet searches.

      Experience the power of RemodelerPro’s tools and services. We enable you to quickly and easily create a powerful web presence in minutes. Simple, user friendly, and built for you!
  • Schedule and Project Management
    • Successful project completion almost always comes down to scheduling. Working around your client’s and subcontractor’s schedules and planning for material ordering and lead time can be challenging. Time is money and managing your time is equivalent to managing your money. Manage your project schedule poorly, and your profits will disappear.

      Schedule and Project Management Features:

      • Utilize our smart calendar utility to help you schedule and manage all crucial components of your project.
      • Create customizable online calendars for every project.
      • View calendars and schedules by day, week, or month.
      • View all of your project schedules at-a-glance. This feature lets you see where scheduling conflicts exist and helps you to better manage your resources.
      • Filter calendars by appointment or job.
      • Use templates to create and store similar projects to be used again and again.
      • Allow clients secure access to view their project timeline, calendars, and to-do lists.
      • Assign tasks to resources and track their schedules right through the calendar.
      • Automatically notify subs of schedule changes.

  • Client Management System
    • As is true for any business, the key to running a successful remodeling business is satisfying your clients. However, achieving high client satisfaction isn’t as easy as it seems. Every activity that you undertake such as marketing, communication, project scheduling and support, are all critical components of a successful project.

      RemodelerPro’s client management system helps you to organize, automate, and synchronize these processes as well as organize your client info.

      Client Management Features:

      • Secure login area allows customers access to their project information. They can view calendars, budgets, change orders, photos, documents, warranty information and more.
      • Share progression photos.
      • Clients can easily schedule warranty.
      • Allows online change order approval.
      • Track and archive selection approvals.
      • Manage contact information and communication preferences with our integrated database and mailing list.

  • Client Options/Order Management
    • One of the problems faced by remodelers is the inability to effectively track or manage the many choices their clients make with regard to materials, colors, fixtures, and finishes to be used in a project. Your ability to manage this critical component of the project is crucial to your projects overall success. Ineffectively handling your client’s choices will negatively impact your client’s satisfaction, the overall project budget, your ability to turn a profit, and your chance for referrals.

      RemodelerPro manages your client’s choices for you and shows you how they impact the overall project budget with the click of the mouse. Never again worry about ordering the wrong item, choosing the wrong color, or arguing with the client about what’s included in their project costs. Your client signs off on their choices and the system maintains all the information so you can refer back to it again and again. All items are archived for future reference. This really helps with warranty work.

      RemodelerPro tracks the impact your client’s choices have on the project budget too! If, for example, your client selects a particular set of plumbing fixtures, the software will show you the exact impact of its cost on the overall project budget. If it does not fit within the project’s specified budget, RemodelerPro will make your client change the selection or compensate you for the additional costs.

  • Cost and Expense Tracking
    • Perhaps the single most important factor that can make or break an otherwise perfectly planned project is poor cost management. Cost slippages and unexpected expenses eat away at your profit and have a negative impact on the overall project success.

      RemodelerPro is the perfect cost and expense tracking tool. No need to use multiple software packages to manage your project costs. Its powerful tracking tools keep you in sync with all your project expenditures, accounting for allowances, client payments, and budgetary estimates.

      As you go about procuring materials and paying subcontractors, it automatically adjusts the expenses in line with the actual budget for the project. So, you will instantly know when there is a danger of exceeding your project budget and eating into your company’s profitability.
  • Project Tracking
    • It is well known wisdom that you can correct and improve problems right when they occur and not afterwards. Projects fail when contractors loose track of the progress they are making in various stages of their execution. Not anymore!

      RemodelerPro tracks all important milestones of your project so that you do not miss the crucial stages of your project. It takes care of costing, scheduling, estimates, progress reports, etc for each stage which ensures that the problems faced in one phase do not spill over to the next.
  • Project Communication
    • Communication is key to success in any venture, more so in the remodeling industry where requirements can change rapidly. RemodelerPro has an easy to use, robust two-way communication system that helps you manage communication with your clients and subcontractors.

      Project Communication Features:

      • Receive communication from clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and more.
      • Track and archive email, text messages, schedules and other important documents for future reference.
      • Forward messages to your mobile device automatically.
      • Send automatic email or text message reminders to clients, subs and suppliers for appointments and tasks.
      • Automatically notify subs and suppliers of schedule changes via email or text every time you update the calendar.

      Avoid “he said- she said” type misunderstandings. Never miss an appointment or show up late for a job. Hold suppliers and subs accountable. With RemodelerPro, all project related communication is easy, efficient, secure, and always on time.
  • Real-Time Notifications/ Text Messages
    • With RemodelerPro, you are never out of touch with your clients, employees, suppliers or subcontractors. Whether you are in your office or on the move, you will always remain in sync with your business through our efficient real-time messaging system.

      When a client sends you a message, you will receive an instant notification in your mail box. No need to log in to the system; simply send a response through the same email and the message will be processed through RemodelerPro.

      Perhaps the single-biggest advantage RemodelerPro’s messaging system provides is the integrated alert mechanism from your scheduling calendar. Receive instant messages about upcoming meetings, past due milestones, and pending to-do items. Never miss another commitment!
  • Project Photo Gallery
    • As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Don’t just tell your prospective clients of your qualifications, showcase your work! RemodelerPro provides you the winning advantage of a Project Photo Gallery to give your prospects a glimpse of your capabilities as a remodeler. Think of it as your online portfolio!

      Since each remodeling project is unique, isn’t it logical that each project should have its own image gallery? With RemodelerPro, you can create different galleries for different projects. Whereas you can view all your project galleries, your clients view only the ones associated with their project.
  • Photo Gallery and Photo Sharing on Social Networks and Email
    • We understand that a home remodel is an emotional time for home owners. For you, the contractor, it is just another project and an opportunity to grow your business. For your client, however, it is an investment into their future. We see this as an opportunity to help you get referrals!

      RemodelerPro has created a Client Only access photo gallery of your project. These photos are stored within the secured access area and are archived with the project. Handled correctly, you can use this as a powerful tool to get referrals. With each progress photo you upload, we give your client the ability to share that photo with family, friends, coworkers, or anyone interested in a future remodel!

      Whether it is sent via email or shared on FaceBook or other social media site, we place your company in the spotlight. Each photo that is sent outside of RemodelerPro carries your business signature with it. Talk about advertising your services!
  • Lead Generation
    • Your business depends on your ability to convert prospective leads into business opportunities. The better you are at lead conversion, the more profitable your business will be. However, the most frustrating aspect of lead generation is the inability to track whether your money is being spent on the right advertising and media tools. Not every tool is created equally. Many so called “lead generation” resources are simply out to get your marketing dollar. It is time to reduce the high cost of leads and use the integrated tools within RemodelerPro to transform your business.

      RemodelerPro helps you derive the most opportunity for your investment. Use the integrated marketing tools to generate new leads, dramatically bring down your lead costs, track contact information and metrics, run reports so that you are always updated and in command, and view a consolidated list of all your leads in one place.

      Just enter your prospective client’s information into the integrated Client Management System and let the application keep track of your marketing effort, responses to ads, and help you identify which marketing tools are working the best. Use the system to send newsletters, online ad campaigns, and much more.
  • Sales and Marketing
    • We provide you with marketing tools to impact the entire customer lifecycle—from the initial lead through to the end of the warranty phase—increasing lead conversion, customer satisfaction, and referrals.

      Sales and Marketing Features:

      • Centralize sales and marketing data in one place.
      • Manage lead follow-up activities.
      • Execute high-quality marketing campaigns including sales letters, email marketing, surveys, newsletters and more.
      • Create lead and sales management reports.
      • Track lead demographics from the web, referrals, and other sources.
      • Measure conversion rates.
      • Track return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns.

  • Statistics/Reports/Charts for Contractor
    • Visual representation of data is much more helpful than a simple collection of numbers and figures put together. RemodelerPro is equipped with sophisticated graphical tools that depict your project management data in a pictorial format. Using graphs, pie charts, and other tabular forms, it allows you to quickly analyze the progress of various stages of your projects. They tell you when your project is going as planned and they warn you with things are starting to drift.

      As a tool, RemodelerPro provides you instant analysis of each project in isolation as well as across multiple projects to identify opportunities and to address issues before they affect your profitability. Consider these graphical tools as your score card for each project. Thorough analysis will help you to improve your project management abilities from project to project. These score cards are archived with the project for future review.
  • Online Store
    • Dramatically increase your profit margins with your own online store. Integrated with your website, the online store allows you to sell fixtures, flooring, and other materials directly to your customers. Why give third party suppliers money that could be increasing your bottom line?

      RemodelerPro provides you with a completely customizable online store where you can showcase and sell your products.

      Online Store Features:

      • Safe and secure integrated shopping cart.
      • Real-time credit processing.
      • Generates automatic email invoice for you and the customer.
      • Capable of handling hundreds of items.
      • Contains a search feature so shoppers can find exactly what they are looking for.
      • Automatic tax and shipping calculation.
      • Export sales information to QuickBooks, Excel or, Access.

  • Mobile Access
    • Take the power of RemodelerPro on the road with mobile access. Designed to work with smart phones, RemodelerPro gives you real-time access to manage schedules, budgets, and emails right from the jobsite.

      Mobile Access Features:

      • Access all job information including tasks, budgets, change orders and calendars.
      • View all open and past-due tasks on a project and quickly apply updates.
      • Receive email or text notifications when a client sends you a message.
      • Integrated alert mechanism provides push notifications when a scheduled appointment or milestone is due.
      • Instant access to your entire contact list.
      • Access subcontractor’s information including schedules, purchase orders, and contact information.
  • QuickBooks/ MS Word Integration
    • Gone are the days when time-sensitive and critical data had to be manually entered into each individual software system a business used in their operation.

      RemodelerPro’s smart, real-time integration between industry leading tools like QuickBooks and MS Word, keeps your data synchronized and readily available. This allows you to use one powerful software solution, RemodelerPro, for all your project and client data. Use the many project specific analysis tools to fine tune your project management capabilities, then quickly and easily export your data to QuickBooks.
  • Document Management and Templates
    • RemodelerPro allows greater control over project documents using its Document Management System. Think of it as your web-based centralized repository where you can manage distribution of all your documents with your clients, suppliers, employees, and sub-contractors. No need to carry around a bunch of folders anymore or worry about not having a copy of the client’s contract or material selection sheets. Access them at any time, from anywhere.

      Document Management and Template Features:

      • All project documents are stored securely online.
      • Access files on-the-go from a laptop or mobile device.
      • Manage construction plans, material lists, photos, bids, contracts, change orders and more.
      • Easy access to the most current version of a document.
      • Online archive of older document versions for reference.
      • Selection of pre-made forms to save time.
  • Import/Export Data to PDF, XLS, CVS, TXT
    • Data is useful only when it is accurate and presented in a format that is readable and easily accessible across different platforms. With RemodelerPro, you have the ability to import and export documents in industry-standard formats such as PDF, XLS, CVS, and TXT so that you never have to worry about program compatibility issues.
  • 24/7 Real-Time Access
    • Information is only good if it is available to you when you need it. RemodelerPro is a web-based application that gives you 24/7 real- time access to your projects and business information. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the office or travelling, if you are online, you’re in business. What you need, when you need it!

      Make changes to your proposals. Add a new client. All data updates instantly in real-time. No lags, no surprises!
  • 24/7 Online Support
    • At Projectsplanner.com, our mission is to assist your business to grow by offering client focused software solutions that enhance the lives of all participants through education, personal and business development, resource optimization, and strategic initiatives to promote the profitability and sustainability of your company.

      We believe that selling you our product is just the first step to helping you grow and optimize your business. Our real job starts after the sale. We pride ourselves in your success and offer many online tools and tips to help set you apart from your competition.

      Whether you need help in understanding a feature, are unsure of how to optimize your RemdelerPro system, or simply want to offer a suggestion to help us improve your online experience, please email us at support@projectsplanner.com or call our offices at 1-866-981-5880 any day, anytime.
 What our Clients are Saying
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John Buelhorn

This is my first website and I can’t believe how easy it was to set up. Within a couple of hours, I was online with a professional looking site....More
Ben Mueller

Using RemodelerPro has tripled the number of referrals I was getting before I switched to this system....More
Allen Sedlak

I love having my own online store! I checked out a lot of different software programs before going with RemodelerPro, and no other program offers anything like this....More
Taylor Gibson
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